Administration Contacts

Vice President of Health Affairs
Dean, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
David Gozal, MD, MBA, PhD (Hon) 304.691.1700
Vice Dean for Addiction Sciences & Recovery Stephen M. Petrany, MD 304.691.1165
Vice Dean for Basic Sciences Gary O. Rankin, PhD 304.696.7313
Vice Dean for Business Development Ali Oliashirazi, MD 304.691.1274
Vice Dean for Government Relations, Health Care Policy & External Affairs James B. Becker, MD 304.691.1602
Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education Paulette S. Wehner, MD 304.691.1817
Vice Dean for Medical Education Bobby L. Miller, MD  304.691.1313
Vice Dean for Research & Graduate Education Uma Sundaram, MD 304.691.1841
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Joseph W. Werthammer, MD 304.691.1602
Senior Associate Dean for Physician Collaboration & Student Engagement Mark A. Studeny, MD 304.691.8500
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Marie Frazier, MD 304.691.1300
Associate Dean for Admissions Christine Gilkerson, MD 304.691.1000
Associate Dean for Admissions
Director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Rural Health
Jennifer Plymale, MA 304.691.1182
Associate Dean for Clinical Research Juan R. Sanabria, MD 304.691.1200
Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education Mohammed Ranavaya, MD, JD 304.691.1170
Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion Shelvy Campbell-Monroe, PhD 304.691.1607
Associate Dean for Diversity Leonard White, MD 304.691.1050
Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement Darshana Shah, PhD 304.691.8639
Associate Dean for Medical Education Nitin Puri, MD/PhD 304.691.8828
Associate Dean for Student Affairs Amy Smith, BSN, MEd 304.691.8684
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Student Affairs Cindy Warren, MA 304.691.1738
Assistant Dean for Assessment & Evaluation Nancy Norton, MD 304.696.7349
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research Usha Murughiyan, MBBS 304.691.6812
Director of Animal Resources Richard J. Probst, DVM, MPH 304.696.7374
Director of Development & Alumni Affairs Linda Holmes, MA 304.691.1711
Director of Graduate Medical Education Amanda Jones, BA, C-TAGME 304.691.1817
Director of Medical Education Paul Ferguson, MD 304.691.1762
Director of Physician Assistant Program Ginger Boles, MS, PA-C 304.691.1979
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services Kourteny Sandefur 304.691.8739
Registrar Traci West-McCombs 304.691.6940
Chair, Curriculum Committee Lawrence Grover, PhD 304.696.7328
Chair, Clerkship Committee Hisham Keblawi, MD 304.691.1400
Chair, Pre-Clerkship Committee Nancy Norton, MD 304.696.7349

Marshall Health Executive Management

Chief Physician Executive Larry D. Dial Jr., MD 304.691.1602
Chief Executive Officer Beth L. Hammers, MBA 304.691.1712
Chief Medical Information Officer Shannon Browning, RPh, MD 304.691.1066
Chief Financial Officer Matt Straub, MBA 304.691.1284
Chief Information Officer Michael J. McCarthy, MA 304.691.1750
Chief Marketing Officer Sheanna M. Spence, MS 304.691.1639
Chief Operating Officer Nathan Ward, JD 304.691.1705

Department Chairs

Anesthesiology Jay Shepherd, MD 304.691.1200
Biomedical Sciences Gary O. Rankin, PhD 304.696.7313
Cardiovascular Services Mehiar El-Hamdani, MD 304.691.1050
Clinical & Translational Sciences Uma Sundaram, MD 304.691.1841
Dentistry, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Raj Khanna, DMD, MD 304.691.1247
Dermatology Shane E. Cook, MD 304.691.1930
Family & Community Health Adam M. Franks, MD 304.691.1165
Internal Medicine Bisher Mustafa, MD 304.691.1050
Neurology Paul Ferguson, MD 304.691.1157
Neurosurgery Nicolas Phan, MD 304.691.1787
Obstetrics & Gynecology David Jude, MD 304.691.1460
Oncology James C. Jensen, MD 304.523.6421
Ophthalmology Vishal Verma, MD 304.691.8800
Orthopaedics Ali Oliashirazi, MD 304.691.1274
Pathology Krista Denning, MD 304.691.8860
Pediatrics Susan L. Flesher, MD 304.691.1300
Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine Suzanne Holroyd, MD 304.691.1500
Surgery David A. Denning, MD 304.691.1200
Urology Lawrence M. Wyner, MD 304.691.1900