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The StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey (formerly Faculty Forward)

Research on the concept of “Employee Engagement “has gained momentum over the last decade. Organizations now understand that to remain competitive, it is important to retain skilled employees  Research on engagement indicates that the alignment of engagement and contribution has robust links with retention and performance outcomes due to personal investment in the success of an organization. 

Faculty are a vital resource for the success of any academic institution.  As the front line in delivering quality healthcare, conducting ground-breaking research, and teaching the next generation of physicians and scientists, faculty help academic institutions meet their mission. By definition, faculty engagement is a heightened emotional and intellectual connection that a faculty member has for his/her role, organization, manager, or coworkers that, in turn, influences him/her to apply additional discretionary effort at work. 

StandPoint is a collaborative partnership between the AAMC, member medical schools, and teaching hospitals around the country that is focused on measuring and enhancing faculty engagement.  Is the largest national faculty workplace survey designed to address the issues unique to faculty engagement in academic medicine.   Organizations participate in the StandPoint survey to identify strengths and development areas enterprise-wide, for each department, and to benchmark with other organizations to share innovative and effective engagement practices. 

The JCESOM Faculty Council administered the survey in 2017and the executive summary for administration is provided below. The Office of Faculty Advancement would like to thank Faculty Council for spearheading this effort and to all faculty for the time and careful consideration put into responding to the survey.

2017 Marshall University JCESOM StandPoint Executive Summary