Internal Medicine Residency Program

Bisher Mustafa, MD

Our Internal Medicine Residency Program aims at developing the unique talents of each of its residents. The educational activities of the Department of Medicine aspire to excellence in training of medical residents as the basis for a career as a primary physician or for further subspecialty training. This is a crucial time in the training of the resident in medicine. A broad training in general internal medicine, with an understanding of its scientific basis, forms the foundation of the practice of internal medicine. The resident physician not only learns the essential elements necessary to become an informed and capable internist, but also acquires an extensive background of information concerning the sub-specialties of medicine.

The faculty of the Department of Medicine endeavors to provide the best possible educational program, a program which emphasizes increasing responsibility for the resident during each successive year of training. Graduates of our Internal Medicine Residency can become practicing general internists and be confident they have the broadest possible background to advance their care of the patient. They can also compete successfully for post-residency employment in general internal medicine and for further training in any of the specialties in medicine. The Department of Medicine offers the opportunity for additional career training in fellowships of cardiology, endocrinology, hematology/oncology, nephrology, and pulmonology.

Faculty of the Department of Medicine are active not only as clinicians, but also as researchers: research opportunities for the resident exist both during the general internal medicine residency and during fellowships. Our commitment as teachers of Medicine is to dedicate our efforts to the professional growth and development of our internal medicine residents and fellows.

I believe that the opportunity is great for you to receive excellent training in Internal Medicine at the Marshall University School of Medicine. I would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals. The faculty of the Department of Internal Medicine is dedicated to quality patient care, professional growth and development of each resident. We encourage you to commit yourself to personal excellence during your residency training. The Residency Office personnel look forward to assisting you in any way possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Marshall University School of Medicine Residency Program, please contact our offices.

Program Leadership

Eva Tackett, MD
Program Director

Samson Teka, MD

Associate Program Director

Stephen Roy, MD
Associate Program Director