Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Accreditation

2019 Survey Visit Full Accreditation

Welcome to the JCESOM LCME Information page. This page is designed to keep students, faculty, staff and administration up-to-date and informed about all LCME related issues. For more information about LCME please visit their website at

The flow chart represents the model of curricular management and integration.

The Curriculum Committee is in control of the curriculum and approves the work and recommendations of all of the subcommittees. The Curriculum Committee reviews and approves or recommends appropriate changes to the content and pedagogy on a regular basis (should be at least annually). The Curriculum Committee also tracks the themes and special topics and recommends appropriate additions to the curriculum (using the curriculum database). The Curriculum Committee provides a report to the Dean on a regular basis regarding the curriculum.

The year subcommittees are responsible for the coordination and delivery of the curriculum including horizontal (within the year) and vertical (between the years) integration, pedagogy and student assessment.

The Curriculum Evaluation Committee (CEC) oversees programmatic evaluation, and the adequacy of alignment of course & clerkship objectives with the program objectives (competencies). The CEC meets once a month to review a course/clerkship and sends a detailed report to the Curriculum Committee for approval and dissemination

The Office of Medical Education (OME) provides curricular support to the Curriculum Committee and to the various subcommittees.