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Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics

Alfred Cecchetti, PhD, MSc, MSc IS
Director, Division of Clinical Informatics
Clinical Informatics Data Architect

From the Director of the Division of Clinical Informatics - Alfred Cecchetti, PhD, MSc, M Sc IS

The Clinical Informatics Core Facility has been created to establish an informatics infrastructure to support clinical and translational research in Appalachia West Virginia. Our mission is to transform the health and healthcare of West Virginians through leading-edge clinical informatics technologies.

  • Clinical Informatics is a multidisciplinary profession on the cutting edge which utilizes Information Technologies and Information Management techniques and integrates them into the health care arena.
  • The ultimate goals are to:
    • Improve the quality of healthcare
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase efficiencies and productivity in all areas of health care

Services Offered

The Clinical Informatics Department offers a variety of services that can assist you or your department with Clinical and Translational Research. To request access or additional information on the services provided, please click on the boxes below.



Niharika Bhardwaj, MBBS, MS
Clinical Data Scientist /
Informatics Research Coordinator

SchaferGouthami Kothakapu, MSCS
Data Warehouse Research System Analyst

Rajan Lamichhane, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biostatistician