Marshall University Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facilities 

The MU Genomics Core Facility is supported in part by a National Institutes of Health grant to the WV-IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (WV-INBRE) program (2P20 GM103434).

The MU Genomics and Bioinformatics cores provide centralized genomic, bioinformatic and biostatistical services to investigators at universities and colleges throughout the state. The Genomics Core currently provides five services to research programs and individual investigators:

  1. high throughput next generation sequencing (NGS) to support whole genome, whole exome, RNA-Seq, single cell RNA-Seq, microbiome and global chromatin and methylation studies
  2. biostatistical and bioinformatic support for NGS projects
  3. access to DNA/RNA sequence analysis software
  4. automated Sanger DNA sequencing, genotyping and RNA/DNA quality assessment
  5. access to shared instrumentation such as plate readers, real time thermal cyclers, Agilent Bioanalyzers, fluorimeters, and spectrophotometers

For the provision of NGS and bioinformatic services, our strategic plan includes a “full-service” model. The Genomics Core service plan requires that program investigators meet with Genomics/Bioinformatics Core staff to formulate an experimental design at the start of a project. Individuals with investigator-initiated funding may formulate their own experimental design but are encouraged to conference with core staff. In addition to experimental design, the cores also provide expected outcomes, a quote for costs, and an estimated time to completion. After completion of data analysis, core staff members meet with the investigator to review their data and address any concerns or additional analyses.

If you use Genomics Core Services or any shared instrumentation, please remember to cite or acknowledge the Genomics Core, Bioinformatics Core, the WV-INBRE grant (P20GM103434), the COBRE ACCORD grant (1P20GM121299) and the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WV-CTSI) grant (2U54GM104942) in your publications.

Requests for Genomics Core Services (Next Gen Sequencing, Sanger Sequencing and Shared Instrument Reservations) should be made through our Agilent CrossLab (iLab Core Operations) web interface through the Request Service tab. Instructions for registering in CrossLab can be found here. Logging into CrossLab can be found at