Richard Egleton, PhD
Assistant Dean of the Office of Research and Graduate Education,
Associate Professor, Research Cluster Coordinator
(304) 696-3523

Research Interests

I have a varied interest in research with four major research areas. These areas all focus on endothelial cell function and tissue barriers. Though my initial studies focused on transport, my current interest is how health care issues common in Appalachia (Diabetes, hypertension substance abuse) regulate brain endothelial function and what role this plays in psychiatric disorders. My studies have been funded via federal grants at both the PPG and RO1 level. This research has resulted in 43 publications with Pubmed IDs, three other research publications, four book chapters, and one book as an editor, as well as numerous abstracts to scientific conferences.

  • The role of other cells (astrocytes, pericytes, neurones, microglia, and various white blood cells) in regulating barrier function has lead to the concept of the "Neurovascular Unit" (NVU).
  • What is the role of the BBB /NVU in disease progression? A number of papers have now been published showing changes in BBB structure and function during animal models of disease, or in some cases clinically. What really hasn't been addressed in many cases is if the BBB changes play an essential role in disease progression, or are a by product of disease progression.