Yevgeniy Shakirov

Yevgeniy Shakirov, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: BBSC 241M

Research Statement

Our research interests include several interconnected projects that focus on the interface of fundamental and applied biology and medicine. We investigate key genetic determinants of cellular homeostasis, including predisposition to aging-associated diseases, response to stress, and identification of novel plant metabolites with antimicrobial activity. Students interested in modern approaches to molecular cell biology, genetics, genomics, and biochemistry are welcome to inquire about research opportunities.

Laboratory: BBSC 219, Science 200

  1. Jakob Adkins- Ph.D. Student 
  2. Ashley Dauge- MS Student
  3. Ethan Lilly- Undergraduate Student 
  4. Natalie McCann- Undergraduate Student 
  5. Liia Valeeva, Ph.D.- Postdoctoral Associate