Subha Arthur, PhD
Associate Professor

Mentor: Dr. Jung Han Kim

Research Interests 

Dr. Subha Arthur’s research interests are broadly focused on understanding the regulation of intestinal ion and nutrient transport processes, with emphasis on their regulation in pathophysiological states such as inflammatory bowel disease and obesity. Her primary research focus as a COBRE ACCORD investigator has been to understand the regulation of increased intestinal bile acid absorption in obesity-associated dyslipidemia by deciphering the signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in the transcriptional regulation of ASBT, the primary transporter of bile acids in the intestine, in Zucker rat model of obesity as well as in a diet induced rat model, both of which are appropriate models to study obesity-associated dyslipidemia. Her research will also explore the novel regulation of ASBT at the level of the caudal-oral length of the intestine as well as along the crypt-villus axis in obesity. Her research will enable better understanding of the regulation of intestinal bile acid absorption in obesity, which may result in novel and efficacious treatment modalities for treatment of obesity-associated dyslipidemia.