Student Government/Leadership

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The Graduate Student Organization is a student-run association that promotes the interests and represents the views of graduate students enrolled in the Biomedical Science (BMS) Graduate Program at Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. Through its leadership, the GSO communicates and collaborates on issues such as classes offered in the program and student admissions with the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). The GSC comprises faculty from each of the research clusters.


2022-2023 elected officers:

Eliane Tsopmegha


Vivian Wellington

Vice President

Nate Olszewski


Samuel Tetteh-Quarshie


Jakob Adkins


Cora Miracle

Representative for MD/PhD

All students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program are considered to be members of the GSO. We invite and encourage students in all of our graduate programs, including the Medical Sciences and Clinical and Translational Science programs, to attend and participate in the GSO meetings. GSO meetings provide a great forum for informing students of important upcoming events, addressing the concerns of the students, and socializing with others in the graduate program.

Quick facts about GSO meetings

  • Meetings are usually once a month and are commonly held on the first Friday of each month in BBSC 102.
  • Meetings sometimes serve as an opportunity to hold workshops on topics such as putting together a poster presentation, writing a CV, applying for grants, or tutoring sessions for first year students.
  • Complimentary lunch is provided at each meeting. 


In addition to its regular business, the GSO tries to provide as many social opportunities as possible to currently enrolled students. Regular events include:

  • An annual picnic for newly accepted, incoming graduate students
  • A party at the beginning of summer to celebrate the end of classes
  • Monthly get-togethers to reduce stress and have fun, i.e. bowling, movie nights, short excursions
  • An annual Christmas party
  • Fund raising events are held each month during the normal school year to raise money for the GSO in order to pay for scholarships, materials, and provided lunches

Volunteering events are held once or more per semester as a way to increase positive impacts that Marshall and the GSO have on the community and each other. These volunteering events include collecting toys for Jared Box, volunteering at Lily’s Place, and running/walking marathons for charities such as The Heart Walk for the American Heart Association.