Clinical Competency Committee

Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)


  • To review all resident evaluations by multiple evaluators semi-annually.
  • To determine Milestone progression level for each resident semi-annually.
  • To assure reporting of Milestone progression of each resident semi-annually to ACGME.
  • To make recommendations to the program director for resident progress, including promotion, remediation and dismissal.
  • To provide input to the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) regarding needs and plans for program improvement.


Members include the Department Chair, program director, associate program director, and faculty representatives from resident clinic, inpatient service, PICU, and NICU.


The CCC will meet semi-annually to synthesize multiple different types of assessments including CCC group discussion into a determination of resident progression on the Milestones.  The CCC provides a group perspective on the residents’ progress and will assist in early identification of areas of needed improvement.  The program director is responsible for educating the CCC regarding the Milestones.  All members of the committee agree to keep the information discussed confidential.  During the process of discussing each resident the CCC will likely discover areas for program improvement which will be referred to the PEC.