From the Midwest or West, travel by Interstate 64 to Huntington, WV. At exit 11, leave I-64 and proceed north on Hal Greer Boulevard. Once on Hal Greer Boulevard, turn left onto Charleston Ave. ( it is the 4th stop light on Hal Greer off the interstate). Turn left after 15th street turning into the Forensic and Clinical Center.

From the South, Huntington can be reached by Interstate 77; also known as the West Virginia Turnpike, which joins I-64 at Beckley, WV. Proceed on I-64 West until reaching Huntington. At exit 11 on I-64, exit and follow directions as noted above.

From the East and North, Huntington can be reached by I-77 or I-79 which join I-64 in Charleston, WV. Proceed west on I-64 until exit 11 and follow directions as noted in the first paragraph.


Huntington Tri-State Airport is located about 20 minutes from the medical school. Taxi service is available from the Huntington Airport. The Charleston (West Virginia) Airport is located about one hour from the medical school.